The Nibbler Becomes the Fisherman

My final guest post is from  Roving Jay at the Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide, your one-stop shop for what’s hot and what’s not. Jay has been a loyal pansy fan virtually from day one so I think it’s right and proper that she completes the series with a flourish.

Roving Jay

I frequently swim around the Blog-o-Sphere, following bait from pool to pool.  I like to observe the fisherman from a distance, and watch them cast their lines in an attempt to lure me in.  If the bait doesn’t interest me, I’ll swim out of one pool and lurk in another. But if the lines thrown in my direction are suitably weighted and  baited, I’m enticed in for a nibble, and can become hooked on the content! Jack used his worm to lure me in, and I’ve been nibbling in his Pansy Pool ever since. Even though we live in a society where Facebook and Twitter are household names, the dynamics of collaboration still have a 90/9/1 split:

  • 90% of collaborators are Lurkers, watching but not contributing
  • 9% are Nibblers, who contribute occasionally, and
  • 1% are the Fisherman. Fancy a nibble?
Fancy a nibble?

So!  Are you usually a Lurker, a Nibbler or a Fisherman?  It’s not a simple question – because is really depends on which pool you’re in. In my own pool I’m a Fisherman, but in the Pansy Pool I’m usually a Nibbler.  I leave the occasional comment.  I like a post on Facebook.  Or I share a post on Twitter. But look at me today.  Fisherman Jack has left the bank unattended and there’s a huddle of pseudo Jack’s at the water’s edge casting lines of their own.  And if the words we’re casting are suitably weighted and baited, you’ll continue swimming in the Pansy Pool until Fisherman Jack returns with fresh bait of his own. In the meantime, if you fancy a nibble – there’s a comment box below.

6 thoughts on “The Nibbler Becomes the Fisherman

  1. Just like you, a fisherman (or more likely, a fishwife?) in my own pool, but a nibbler in others. I don’t tend to lurk – I might stick my nose into new waters occasionally but if there’s no quick snack to tingle my taste buds I dart out again quickly.

    Love your analogy here!


  2. Great observation I am not so sure what I am need more time to think about it and that’s what I just don’t have today as cooking for a tour. I think I’m a nibbler and sprinter not sure but anyway I love to read blogs and Jacks is one of the best.


  3. lifestyle/travel blogs are, usually, a blessed relief from some of the heavy stuff I cover. Windows onto other views of life, loving, struggle, triumph are always worth opening – as long as at the core there is at least the hint of positive. You, the bloggers that I follow, are my shot in the arm – thanks to each of you.
    RJ; I love this ‘fishing’ analogy.


  4. OK, the research methods and stats prof in me LOVES that you put an MSExcel (I presume) graphic into this post. Bravo. But that is just me geeking out – what I really love is the characterization. So, fisherman I get, lurker I get, but a nibbler can be a comment-or, like-er, share-er at different amounts, I suppose? Sorry, again, the research methods prof in me is looking for the definition (You see, I am avoiding class prep right now). Well, in the pansy pool, I suppose I am a happy nibbler, but only tiny bites in my too-busy world in between blog visits! Retirement can’t come soon enough.

    And huzzah Alan, I couldn’t agree more. Most of my days are consumed by training child protection professionals and teaching research methods to unwilling participants who mostly are afraid and anxious. So these blogs are a necessity for me!


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