Give Them a Hand

Take a Bow

I’d like to extend a warm hand to my guest bloggers whose sterling work kept Perking the Pansies afloat while Liam and I were gadding about in Blighty and La Belle France. It was a harvest festival of wit and wisdom, revelation and revelry rudely interrupted by substandard despatches of my own from old London Town.

So, ladies and gentlemen please give it up for:

Thank you. I couldn’t have done it without you.

12 thoughts on “Give Them a Hand

  1. Thankyou Jack for allowing us to babysit PerkingthePansies while you were away.I don’t have time to run a Blog myself but certainly enjoyed the chance to write a little and get such wonderful feedback from the others.
    Oh and Welcome back! I can’t wait to hear your travel tales!


  2. No really, thank YOU for asking. It was a pleasure and I really enjoyed the comments from your readers. Lovely to see you and Liam too whilst you were over, did he get his ice-cream in the end? We really must try to get out to Bodrum at some stage!


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