News from the other end of the Med. Swiss-based multi-national engineering company, ABB recently axed 160 jobs at a plant in Bilbao despite reporting record profits. Some ex-employees decided to do a full monty to highlight their plight. Spain has suffered particularly badly during the recession and 1 in 5 of the adult population is out of work. Thank you to Staying Sane in Spain for finding this. I find it a little cheeky but readers of a nervous disposition who find semi-naked hirsute men too seductive or offensive should change channels now. There’s a serious message blended with the fun. We should heed it.

2 thoughts on “Spain’s Got Talent

  1. Interesting and a fun video (where do you find them?). I have friends living in Spain and they tell me that things are really starting to hurt. I think the hard times are here for a good few years yet. In the UK we get a sense that the Turkish economy is strong and growing. Is that the case? Are you and Liam rolling in it? Are there jobs around for foreigners?


    1. Turkish is doing rather well at about 9% growth. Can’t continue though. Unfortuntely high inflation means we’re not rolling in it. It’s also difficult for foreigners to get jobs outside certain specific sectors.


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