Jack’s Titanic Tale

Friends invited us along on our first boat trip since our emigration, sailing from the pretty but hassle-bound Gümüslük Bay. We were accompanied by the definitive nuclear family with grandparents in tow. The mini-cruise was enjoyably predictable, dropping anchor at various identical brushy islets for a dip in the gorgeous translucent waters. I showed off my still impressive diving skills learned in my distant youth. Our cheery skipper provided a simple but serviceable meal of sea bass, pasta and salad. Over lunch, Mrs. Nuclear bored us with vapid tales of her multi-gifted progeny, a spoilt and rude little runt who showed little respect to his elderly grandparents. So underwhelmed was I by the tedious litany of his talents, I asked Mr Nuclear if Master Nuclear could do something about Syria.

Women and Children First

Without warning, the Meltemia picked up as we headed back to port. Struggling against the mighty head wind, the boat smashed repeatedly against the heaving swell, drenching us with the over-salty waters of the Aegean. We bounced around the deck like jetsam on a trampoline. Fearing a Kate Winslett Titanic moment we clung precariously to anything we could find. Our gentle cruise intended to calm the soul and relax the mind had turned into a white knuckle ride on the high seas – most amusing and, of course, potentially calamitous.

9 thoughts on “Jack’s Titanic Tale

  1. I am amazed!
    I have many happy memories of gület cruises between the Turkish coast and Cos and Simi.
    So calm was it on each occasion that it was impossible to use the sails. Either that, or bay kaptan was too idle to make the effort and therefore hid behind the excuse of too little wind power.

    Well survived, anyhow. No antique necklaces residing on the ocean bed now, then?


  2. 91,000 hits. Well done Jack and Liam. You are creating a pansy epidemic. Love this site so much and it is pleasing to know I’m not alone. When wil you give us the Xmas fix of the book? Are you almost finished? The Times Literary Supplement won’t know what’s hit them!


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