Keys to the Door

We passed by the new house to have a hot water boiler installed. The house has solar heated water but this isn’t much cop during the cooler months when hot water is most needed to keep our important little places well sponged and in tip-top condition. Canny Hanife, our new matriarchal landlady, popped round with the front door keys and a tray of tea with fancies on the side. She was followed by dusky lad in cheap tight jeans with more than ample tools. The boiler was up in no time. The one drawback to this dual fuel solution is that one of us will have to use an old rickety ladder to climb onto the roof to turn the solar system on and off.

4 thoughts on “Keys to the Door

  1. Why would you have to turn it off? I am thinking if it isn’t providing hot water on cooler days, in a way it IS off?! Just a thought… 🙂


    1. Hi Lynne

      There’s a lever on the roof that re-routes the hot water supply from the boiler to the solar system and vise versa. Can’t have both on apparently. Not sure why!


      1. Beats me!

        So, you had better Get a natty Sou’wester for him, because he’s going to be up that ladder in some manky weather….


  2. We haven`t got a problem with our boiler, but you can send the lad round in tight jeans just to check if you like.


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