Let the Children Play

I’m touched and heart-warmed to see that children are still children in Turkey, retaining innocence and a simple wonder long since lost in Blighty. I rarely witness a temper tantrum or any kind of brattish behaviour in public.  They have less but enjoy more. Turks of both sexes adore their young, lavishing affection and gentle correction in equal measure. Turkish society has yet to become tormented by rampant paranoia about child snatching paedophiles or obsessed with risk, both of which have turned some western children into selfish, cotton-wool covered social misfits, old, but not wise before their time.

6 thoughts on “Let the Children Play

  1. In some ways i agree, on the outside children are children and so it should be. But behind closed doors there is so much abuse going on thats rarley is seen or spoken about. Not only by the families themselves but in some cares where Turkish families have another memeber of their family taking care of the childrem while mum&dad work. Also there are those that pay for child minders that are not checked and lienced and abuse children in a lot of cases. So lets not rUn away with the idea that all Turkisg people love children…they dont. When its time for the daughter to take a husband and doesn`t want to, there can be abuse there as well….where its not unknown for contry folk or kurdish families to suffer a worse fate.


    1. Hi Annie

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You’re right, of course. Bad things happen everywhere and Turkey is no exception. I am reluctant to write anything too controversial about in my blog in case it attracts the attention of the authorities. If ever write a book, I’ll be able to do a warts and all narrative comparing the good with the bad.



  2. Its lovely the way Turkish are not afraid to show their affection for all children, not just Turkish ones and its great to see what a fuss the men make of children too. But……….. just wait till you see the spoilt kids have their tantrums when the rich of Turkey descend from Istanbul etc to their Bodrum summer villas. Pouting little princess’s & bratish boys !


  3. I have met many many happy well cared for children during my travels around Turkey but sadly as with anywhere there are so many tragic stories. The street children in the larger towns sadden me most. They are in so much danger.


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