Life in an Hermès Scarf

Elegance in a Head Scarf

Liam has become quite the Mrs. Beaton of late, honing his once impoverished, improvised gastronomy and turning his hand to exceptional cake making, biscuit baking and seasonal specialities. Today’s impressive delight is walnut and carrot wholemeal bread. He’s been inspired by domestic guru, curvaceous Charlotte and Kirazli Karyn’s various online cook booklets. I secretly fear he is gradually going native and that head scarf moment is inching ever closer – Hermès, naturally. Methinks I should leave him to his culinary creations, withdraw to the tea house, play parlour games with the local boys and take an illicit lover or three. It’s the Turkish way. I’ll expect my supper on the table when I get home.

4 thoughts on “Life in an Hermès Scarf

  1. Why stop at the headscarf? I have some William Morris fabric left over in a very fetching small flower pattern, I’ll whip him up some capacious pants to go with the scarf. He’ll be squatting in the courtyard whipping up gozleme in no time. xxxx


  2. As it happens, my favourite possession for many years was a sofa I picked up in East London covered with an amazing William Morris fabric: çok güzel. For the record though, and despite Jack’s scandalous attempts to emasculate me, I am insanely masculine, hirsute and ‘straight-acting’. My appreciation of divas Minnelli, Streisand, Garland and Minogue is a technical hitch. Just so you know 🙂


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