A Right Royal Do

My dad took the King’s shilling in the late forties and made a career out of soldiering for the next twenty-something years. Despite swearing allegiance to the monarch, Dad was a soft leftie, voting Labour all his life. He liked and respected the Queen but he didn’t think much of the motley crew of incidental royals – the  ‘hangers on’ as he called them. My mother, on the other hand, was a devoted royalist and had a picture of Her Maj hanging on her bedroom wall.

In my adult years, I’ve always been conflicted about the entire notion of a hereditary head of state. My head questions its relevance in our modern, more egalitarian world but my heart tells me different. I was genuinely saddened by the Queen’s death. I can’t explain why. Maybe it’s my age. And when I look around the world at the assortment of elected nobodies, ne’er-do-wells and nasties, particularly those who would sell their children to the Devil to cling to power, I think, well, if it ain’t broke

Today, we have the right royal do of the Coronation with Charles and Camilla riding the golden Cinderella coach to their ball at Westminster Abbey, the venue for such rituals for nearly a thousand years. The Crown Jewels will be dusted down, oaths will be sworn, heads will be anointed. And yes, we will be joining the locals at our local for a glass of bubbly to watch the fairy tale on the big screen.

Across our twin villages, the streets are decked out in fluttering flags and bunting of red, white and blue, and shops have gone all out to put on the best stately display. Here’s a taste…

And tomorrow, our villages are throwing their very own right royal do with a big Coronation party. We’ll be joining the festivities because let’s face it, we could all do with a party right now.

7 thoughts on “A Right Royal Do

  1. I must admit I spent some time today watching your pomp and pageantry. What a show! No one does it better. Pip pip cheerio. Long live the king. 👑


  2. I have a 81-year-old British friend who lives in Bisbee, and thought she deeply mourned the passing of the Queen, she struggled with the pomp surrounding the coronation. She even struggles with the thought of Charles as King.
    To me, it seems time to leave some of the pomp behind, and it also seems time for the royals to let loose of some of their wealth for the benefit of the poor they “rule” over. How many millions does one need?
    And I don’t see this as a suggestion only for royalty. I think the same is true for all the greedy capitalists of the world, also.


  3. I can’t explain why I’m such a royalist – maybe all those years living on an Air Force base. I hope Charles keeps his emotions in check and his dignity high. I’m cheering from the sidelines – hoping he’s a successful monarch, and we get to see King William in my lifetime.


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