A Man Called Otto

A feel-good flick is the surest way to chase away those midwinter blues and they don’t come more feel-good than A Man Called Otto, with an unusually brittle Tom Hanks in the title role as the eponymous grumpy old fart living life on a short fuse. A remake of an earlier Swedish film and adapted from a best-selling novel, check your cynicism at the door before you take your seat.

Newly widowed Otto likes things done right and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Surrounded by idiots and utterly consumed by grief, he sees little to live for. And yet his meticulously planned attempts to re-join his dearly departed are constantly thwarted by do-gooders and doing good, proving that his number isn’t up.

Liam sees a lot of Otto in me. I can’t think why. All I can say is I loved it. But then, who doesn’t like a Tom Hanks film? Here’s the trailer…

4 thoughts on “A Man Called Otto

  1. I love the book and then the Swedish film so yes I was prepared to dismiss this entirely…then I watched the trailer you posted and now I can’t wait to see this version too!


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