High Camp in a Big Tent

We love a live show and they don’t get more lively than ‘La Voix’, drag queen extraordinaire and a glorious blend of song, sparkle and wit. La Voix belts out the tunes in the best tradition of old-fashioned drag cabaret where the voice and the repartee are just as important as the frocks and the wig.

It was high camp in a big tent – ‘Interlude in the Close’, a big top in the grounds of Norwich Cathedral’s Lower School. La Voix’s old razzle dazzle was part of the wider opening up of the arts across the city, after a very dark time. Even during the Blitz, the theatres stayed open; not so with COVID.

The only downside was travelling back to the village on the last bus with a load of young people who’d been out on the razzle themselves. They were no trouble, but there wasn’t a mask between them. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

9 thoughts on “High Camp in a Big Tent

  1. I haven’t stopped wearing a mask. I won’t go inside a restaurant or bar because I don’t want to be maskless. I’m supposed to fly halfway across the country to visit my sister and her family next month, but the way the numbers are going back up again I’m starting to feel a little hesitant. The day will be a total of five hours in the air and three hours in airports. I will just have to see how the numbers are in a few more weeks.


      1. Yep. So I’m about 90% protected. But I’m 10% not protected. But there are too many fools around who won’t wear a mask and won’t get the vaccine. My immune system is a bit shaky since I got dengue fever about 5 1/2 years ago. I’m just not going to take chances.


  2. Such a tough interlude we’re in – caught between wanting to resume living and still keeping cautious. It’s now the young at greatest risk. Glad you enjoyed the show and let’s hope the vaccines keep rolling…


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