Putting on the Ritz

I know it can be tough on pets and those of a nervous disposition but I do love a pyrotechnic extravaganza, especially at New Year – all that sound and fury signifying nothing but the turning of time. When London was home, I’d jump on the Tube to enjoy the spectacle from the banks of Old Father Thames along with tens of thousands of other revellers. These days I’m content to watch from the comfort of a warm sofa, glass of bubbly in hand.

For obvious reasons, we assumed the fireworks would be off this year. But the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, had other ideas. Without plug or promotion, sneaky Sadiq gave us the old razzle dazzle to cheer us up. The theatres may all be dark right now but London can still put on a show.  

6 thoughts on “Putting on the Ritz

  1. Spectacular! My dog would have been catatonic. I remember the first time I saw fireworks set to music. Very cool. Thanks UK, Mayor Khan and you Pansies. Stay warm, stay healthy and above all stay fabulous. ❤️

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  2. We usually have a big display on the waterfront in downtown Kingston (and big crowds – not an option) but this year everyone just did their own thing in their back yards. It was noisier than ever, and our dogs were wretched!


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