The Only Gays in the Village

By chance, Liam spotted a renovated 1850s cottage for sale in a small village called Chedgrave, ten miles southeast of Norwich. We went to see it. We liked it. We put in an offer. It was accepted. We put the micro-loft on the market. Our first viewer put in an offer. We accepted it. So we moved. Just like that.

We’d been thinking alot about our almost-final destination – the one before we get dragged kicking and screaming into a care home for the bed-wetting bewildered. For an age, tatty and batty Knaresborough in North Yorkshire was the odds-on favourite but after leading by a mile, it fell at the last fence. Why? Well, the town is so wonderful, nothing comes up. It seems no one leaves. And I can’t blame them.

Chedgrave is a small hamlet on the Chet, a river that forms part of the Norfolk Broads National Park. There isn’t much in Chedgrave – a church, a pub, a few shops. Fortunately, it’s twinned with Loddon, a pretty village with a lot more to offer. Both villages are on a fast bus route to Norwich so our regular city fix of stage and screen is assured.

We may be the only gays in the village. Will the village suit us? Will we suit the village? Will we get run out of town by an angry mob of red-faced, thick-set farm hands brandishing pitch forks? Will Liam join the WI and make strawberry jam? I’ll keep you posted.

14 thoughts on “The Only Gays in the Village

  1. Wow that’s fast. It looks wonderful. I’m sure your neighbours will love you both—who can resist your charm? 😉


  2. Yow! That was fast! I hope to get my house on the market soon. What single woman my age needs a 4 bedroom house + rental + barn + shed on an acre she can’t maintain? One with almost no public transportation and distant hospitals? Time for me to bail this place out and leave.
    Best to the two of you in your new home. We need photos!


      1. Jack, this area, Bisbee and Naco, have been my base since 1973. I moved away twice knowing I’d return in several years. But this time I’ll be leaving and it’s going to be incredibly difficult. But bottom line, I can’t afford to keep my house, and there’s no public transportation here which is important as I age.


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