Our Rapacious World

Back in 2014, stencilled slogans appeared on the pavements along Gentlemen’s Walk in central Norwich. Highlighting the menace of domestic violence across the realm, there was nothing gentlemanly about the stark facts conveyed by the messages. This year, the initiative has been rebooted with a particular emphasis on rape.

Rape Statistics

Rape Crisis Helpline

Assuming Britain is no worse than any other country and considerably better than places where rape is legal within marriage or where it is used as as weapon of war, my brain just aches at the grim level of sexual violence across the world. Depressing really.

7 thoughts on “Our Rapacious World

  1. saw a similar campaign against rape a few years ago in Konya of all places. Have no idea if it was ‘official’ or the work of a few fearless victims/supporters. Have never worked out how such behaviour is ‘manly’.


  2. Rape is awful. There have been many recent rapes in the US news, rapes committed by members of sports teams and even one by a caretaker against the woman he was supposedly caring for. They all got off with a very minor sentence or even probation. It horrifies me that rape is taken so lightly by male lawyers and judges. And of course, by the men who commit the rapes.


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