After all the fuss and frolics of Yuletide, it’s now austerity season. Nights are spent nesting on the sofa, cushion fighting over the remote control. Thumbing through the DVD collection uncovered a lost gem, something we’d picked up from the HMV bargain bucket and forgotten about. ‘Sunshine on Leith’ is the re-telling of the timeless girl meets boy story, played out in the streets and pubs of Edinburgh and set to the music of The Proclaimers. It’s a foot tapping joy from beginning to end with some glorious set pieces that really show off the Caledonian capital’s neo-classical elegance. Mind you, it’s just as well I’ve stepped out with a few Scots lads in my time. Those less familiar with Scottish brogue are advised to turn on the subtitles.

11 thoughts on “Sunshine on Leith

  1. I have a little Bodrum story about this film. In 2000 or so, a screen writer rented our village house for a few months so he could work with few distractions. The family went to all the village weddings that go on in winter and his small daughter Freya got up and danced with all the other village girls. According to her dad, she realised that she loved dancing and singing to an audience and decided to be an actress. And a very good one she is too.

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  2. As I live and work in Edinburgh I can relate to this film in many ways. I stay in the west side of the city but often find myself painting and decorating down leith. The proclaimers soundtrack was superb, do they have a new album out soon? Thanks.


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