Istanbul Pride, Turkey Shame

Istanbul Pride 2015Yesterday, at the very last minute, the Turkish authorities banned Istanbul Pride. A peaceful celebration of difference and diversity was savagely dispersed by water cannon, rubber bullets and tear gas, the weapons of choice for the Turkish State. Memories of Gezi Park came flooding back. It seems the holy month of Ramadan was the feeble excuse offered up by the Police. Yet, last year’s march also occurred during Ramadan and passed off without incident. Perhaps this was the last hurrah of a president on the skids. I do hope so. Watch the footage of a young man waving a rainbow flag being blown clear off his feet by a water cannon. Is this the image of a modern Turkey President Erdogan wants to convey to the world?

Images courtesy of Occupy Gezi and Twitter

20 thoughts on “Istanbul Pride, Turkey Shame

  1. . . this has done more to smear the already ugly image of RTE and his cohorts than any number of ugly images/videos of him ranting. So, take heart and remember, it isn’t Turkey that is shamed but the bigoted, admittedly large minority. Deputies from two of the opposition parties were very publicly on the streets in support of freedom of expression and freedom for people to be themselves.


  2. Just read your comments, too, Jack, and yeah, there are so many lovely images. Many people moved on to celebrate Pride in nearby streets. You know Turkey and you know Pride in Istanbul is big. Think you summed up in your post why it wasn’t tolerated this year…on Istiklal. Anyone who presents any remote ability of a potential gathering in Taksim Square…
    Was soooo happy to see people still making sure Pride took place, including international embassy reps!!! Go, those people – inc. British Embassy guy, Leigh Turner! 🙂


    1. It was wonderful, wasn’t it? It all serves to demonstrate to the AKP bully boys the world is watching (though to my embarrassment, not the BBC). I’d like to shake Mr Turner by the hand. Or should I curtsy? 😀


  3. Shame on Turkey. The small town of Bisbee AZ (USA) just had its Pride Weekend the weekend before this last. It was wonderful, as always. Many consider it to be the best small town Pride Weekend in the US. I’m so glad to be from here!

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