Sing, Little Birdie

Liam hyperventilated at the prospect of watching Eurovision’s Greatest Hits, an extravaganza beamed across Europe by the BBC  to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the travelling camp fest. I slipped a little something in his Rioja to calm him down. Compered by Graham Norton in his newly acquired hipster whiskers and the posh-frocked Swede, Petra Mede, the show featured some of the contest’s most iconic/dire/fabulous/dreadful (delete according to taste) songs from times past – Brotherhood of Man, Johnny Logan, Lordi, Nicole, Bobby Socks (who?) to name but a few. Sadly, ABBA didn’t reform for the celebration but the BBC did chuck in Riverdance to get the feet tapping (an interval act that was one of the best things to ever emerge from the competition).

Eurovision 2015

Eurovision has come a long way since Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson represented Le Royaume-Uni in 1959 with Sing, Little Birdie. Now we have the transgender Dana International (winner for Israel in 1998) and Conchita Wurst, the bearded lady (winner for Austria 2014) singing a duet holding hands. Way to go, sisters – changing the world one sequin at a time and really pissing off the bigots.

16 thoughts on “Sing, Little Birdie

  1. Eurovision’s always an interesting one. Some countries seem to take it so seriously while us Brits just think it’s one big party that we love to camp up…guess cos we know we’re never gonna get voted for! 😀 Missed this ‘Best Of’ last night but lots of friends talking about it on FB today – Bobby Socks got a mention. 🙂 Would have loved to have seen it – and yeah, Eurovision is always gonna be one in the face for any bigot. 🙂


    1. It was huge fun. The oldies (Bobby Socks among them) showed the youngsters a thing or two. Looking round the audience, the streets of Soho must have been empty that night 😉


  2. I was surprised Bucks Fizz couldn’t have kissed and made up for the night, they are still touring in one of their 17 different line ups (yes I know it’s sad to know how many line ups there’s been). BoM must have sung that song more times now than it sold copies, and it did show a little in their faces, you could tell they really wanted to do Fernando!
    Where was LuLu, she even does yogurt and face cream adverts, she’d have been up for it.
    If only we could think of a way of combining Eurovision with Pride………..


  3. Graham Norton needs a shave!!
    What is with the whole beard thing? It feels like every time I turn around some bloke seems to think that sporting a bit of chin coiffure adds a little je ne se quois. Actually it adds years and makes you indistinguishable from all the other beardy boys. And not particularly kiss-able.
    Rant over (and breathe…)
    ps…apologies in advance if you have grown a beard Jack!


    1. Only when I can’t be bothered to shave 😉 Poor Graham is at the tail end of the beardy thing. My sources tell me a full set is on its way out – fashion-wise – to be replaced my tashes only.

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    1. I don’t think Eurovision has quite caught the Canadian imagination. The same can’t be said of the Aussies. They go mad for it. In fact, because it’s the 60th anniversary of the competition, Australia has been given special permission to compete this year as a one off. I know, Australia isn’t in Europe but then neither is Israel 😀


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