Camp as Christmas

What with all the glitter, tinsel and shiny balls, there’s nothing as camp as Christmas and there’s nothing camper than the Christmas tree outside Chapelfield Shopping Centre here in old Norwich. The flashing extravaganza is a symphony in lights and music, brightening up the low grey skies every thirty minutes throughout the day. So, ladies and gents, girls and boys, to brighten your day during the dull interlude between Christmas and New Year, I give you the climactic finale.

5 thoughts on “Camp as Christmas

  1. I’m missing something here and I’ve used up megabytes to find out that I’m missing something here! Bit like that time when you pretended to be asleep whilst ‘santa’ blundered about after the mincing pies and Sandeman’s medium sherry and when he’d gone you realised that there was no bike, two wheeled or two legged at the foot of the bed!


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