The Madness of Boy George

I’ve always had a soft spot for Boy George, despite (or perhaps because of) his well-documented dependencies on booze and drugs, and his well-deserved real imprisonment for the false imprisonment of a rent boy in 2008. George is clean now and has been for years. From androgynous painted pop star to hard-boiled drug addict, DJ of considerable note to grubby punter, the rise, fall and rise again of George O’Dowd has been remarkable. He’s a survivor with insight, a rare commodity among the brattish celebrity class. I was never much of a Culture Club devotee but I do like a lot of George’s post-Culture Club solo work, particularly the haunting, lyrically waspish ballads that show off his voice to greatest effect. Recently, I tuned in to watch George sing with the BBC Philharmonic and I was surprised (shocked even) to hear that his voice has hit the floor (along with his balls, George recently said with typical candour). His deeper sound is growing on me. George’s latest challenge is a vocal polyp that may require surgery and it has forced him to cancel a Culture Club reunion tour. Get well soon, George.

That was then…

This is now…

13 thoughts on “The Madness of Boy George

  1. That’ll explain his dodgy performance on Strictly Come Dancing (have I just admitted to watching Strictly?!) a few weeks ago. Perhaps he should’ve left the Culture Club number alone. Shame he’s had to cancel the tour, though.


  2. Hey, Jack – thanks for this post re Boy George. Like you, we somehow have an attraction to him – perhaps because we were privileged to see another ‘human’ side of him whilst he was on Montserrat, where we lived for several years. He was going through a tremendous down time then and we’re sooo happy he’s pulled himself through and up and out. You’re right, his voice has developed more and better.

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  3. I do love George, and Culture Club, and had tickets to see them at the 02 in December – cancelled on account of said polyps. Wishing George all the best. But in all honesty was mostly looking forward to Alison Moyet “supporting” – if that’s not the case for the new dates I may have some tickets for sale…


  4. . . that ‘keep on getting up’ mentality is something I greatly admire – in this instance I’d shoot the messages and toast the messenger (in cups of tea as I remember)!


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