The Cheque’s in the Post

Blog2I received an out-of-the-blue windfall from Amazon when a cheque for £17.91 landed on the mat. It wasn’t immediately obvious from the statement what the money was for. After a lengthy head scratch, the penny finally dropped. It was a royalty payment for blog subscribers. Back in the day when Perking the Pansies first set our little emigrey world alight, I signed up for Kindle Blogs (along with everything else at the time), enabling readers to pay a small monthly fee to get Perking the Pansies delivered automatically to a Kindle. Why anyone would pay to read sometime they could get for free over the internet was beyond me but I signed up anyway and then forgot about it. Until now, that is. According to the mighty Amazon, I have one solitary subscriber. So, whoever you are, I thank you. You made my day.

4 thoughts on “The Cheque’s in the Post

      1. Its me, its me, surely you should return my cash… if only for the fact that I am the only idiot (in Bodrum) to pay for a free blog.
        Failing that you could offer to buy a few Efes the next time you chaps grace these shores!


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