Kate Bush: Before the Dawn

kate bush1It’s fair to say that Liam is a HUGE Kate Bush fan. She was the poster girl above his student bed. He knows every note and every word of every track. So when Ms Bush announced her London gigs (her first for 35 years), he began hyperventilating and hasn’t caught his breath since. Liam was working the day the tickets were released so it was my finger hovering over the mouse at the prescribed time. It was made abundantly clear to me that failure to secure a ticket was grounds for divorce. Lucky for me then that I got hold of one in the minutes before they all sold out. Just the one ticket, mind. I like a bit of Kate but not at any price. Then the gushing reviews came rolling in like this one from John Aizlewood in the London Evening Standard…

‘The audience so desperately wanted Bush to be brilliant that by simply turning up, she had triumphed without trying. That she did try so very hard and that she was so obviously, so unambiguously brilliant, made last night something to tell your grandchildren about.’

Liam is at the concert and I’m home alone. I now rather regret my decision.

11 thoughts on “Kate Bush: Before the Dawn

  1. “Unambiguously brilliant.” Wow. The only thing I remember about Kate Bush was “Wuthering Heights.” Never knew she was still singing! I hope Liam enjoyed thoroughly!


  2. . . we understand, old chap – when you are struggling to pen stuff in your cold, gloomy garret sensual pleasures have to stay put in the purse of eternal regret. Skinflint!


  3. She is very brave to go back on stage in her mid fifties when we all yearn for stick thin Leotarded, red lipsticked, barmy Kate. Reading the reviews – she seems to have pulled it off. I look forward to Liam’s report.


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