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The Barber’s Tale

Sweeny ToddAnother day, another painful nip and tuck to the manuscript of Turkey Street. ‘Nice story,’ Liam had said at the time. ‘Cut it.’ Naturally, I complied, unable to bear another hangdog look from my taskmaster. So, ladies and gents, I give you the barber’s tale, ripped from the heart of Turkey Street before it went off to the publishers – Sweeney Todd minus the music, the murder and the meat pies.


6 thoughts on “The Barber’s Tale

  1. . . hard to know where the imagination leaves off and the imagination begins! I think Liam was out to bury this tale (or is it tail?) of inuendo before it goes viral.


  2. I remember my first Istanbul massage, Jack. Felt more like a dismemberment! As arms and legs were pulled into ungainly (and very revealing) positions, I thought I would be paraplegic for the rest of my days. After a 30 minutes doze (more like a ma) I was the most relaxed I’ve ever been. Wish I could find that service here. UK masseurs are a bit too gentle – and genteel.


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