They Think It’s All Over

Come on EnglandA young inexperienced England Team crashes out of the 2014 World Cup, Mexican and Brazilian fans chant homophobic abuse, Croatian and Russian fans unfurl neo-Nazi banners and finger-licking FIFA are mired in accusations of palm-greasing over the staging of the 2022 competition in Qatar, a filthy rich absolute monarchy with no football tradition and summertime temperatures in the withering forties. And so, it’s business as usual for the beautiful game. Timely then, to re-post my 2012 piece from a happier time for British sport, Rainbow Sporting Heroes…

Rainbow Sporting Heroes

Gareth Thomas and Perking the Pansies

As Olympic fever goes into hyperdrive, I was thinking about homophobia in sport, particularly the beautiful game. Even though the likes of David Beckham are in touch with their feminine side and Eric Cantona is prone to writing a poetic line or two, there are no fairies in top flight football, apparently. Why is this, I wonder? Even rugby, the butchest of sports, has the wonderful Gareth Thomas quietly waving his rainbow flag. There was Justin Fashanu a few years back, of course, but his revelation led to excommunication by the soccer establishment, misery and his eventual suicide. It was a shameful episode. More…


10 thoughts on “They Think It’s All Over

  1. I did think it was great though that little Costa Rica took out Italy! While this World Cup madness is happening in Brazil, we here in Toronto are hosting the World Pride events – we usually have one of the biggest Pride week celebrations but going global like this is very exciting for the City – Ole Ole indeed!


  2. Jack
    I’m not into footie so sorry if you find my post a bit “off message”
    I’ve dipped in to some recent posts trying to find news of your next book and also searched amazon. But to no avail.
    Any news of the impending book birth? It might be worth a micro pitch all of it’s own. Or does liam have to hurry up with the edit…
    Let us know, please.
    Or prod liam with a blunt stick.

    My beach read awaits.

    PS hope the nettle rash has settled down, or was it something more sinister?


  3. I’m not a football fan, despite being a big Fethiyespor fan, if that makes any sense (I know what I mean 😉 ). But on a slightly different situation, we thought about you today cos the British Embassy in Istanbul are today proudly flying their rainbow flag on the roof along with the Union Jack in support of Istanbul Gay Pride Festival. 🙂 Guess you’ve seen the TwitPic of it? We liked that one. 🙂


    1. From what I hear, they’re doing it at most embassies, consulates and high commissions where there are pride events. How times have changed, I’m pleased to say :-D. I haven’t seen the flag in Istanbul and I’m not on Twitpic. Is it possible to send a link? Ta very much if it is.


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