Homophobia, like racism and other types of irrational prejudice, takes many forms – from the subtle to the violent, the barely perceptible to the deadly. It’s all around us and we are all guilty of it to a lesser or greater extent. But, it becomes farcical when those who never have and never will experience homophobia get to decide what it is and how it affects those who are its victims. I can think of no better rebuttal of this nonsense than the one delivered by Panti Bliss, an Irish drag queen following her controversial appearance on RTE, the Irish TV broadcaster. It’ caused quite a ruckus – deliciously called ‘Pantigate’. It’s no bad thing to get the bigots running scared. Here’s what the eminently sensible, gloriously eloquent Panti Bliss had to say on the subject:

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16 thoughts on “Pantigate

  1. Truly amazing and just right for Ireland as well, as that society has taken some time to come to terms with this subject, in fact it hasn’t yet but you never know. I was in a private hospital here and there was an amazing transsexual standing in front of the emergence doctors door. I walked past trying not to stare but spent the rest of the day wondering how much pain you would have to go through to transform yourself to what looked like an Amazonian woman. Then it struck me how uncomfortable it must of been to be in the wrong body and no matter what pain it took the change was worth it. It is a little off the subject I know but apart from the pain endured by massive surgery there is then the pain of oppression from a society (here) that will never come to any kind of terms with it. So here I am just talking about something I know nothing about. OMG


    1. Hey, we’re all allowed to comment. I’ve met a number of transsexual people down the years. Their struggle for rights and acceptance is, perhaps, the last taboo.


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