Tales from Turkey

Peoples_RepublicLast month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the gorgeous Shelley Antscherl for the People’s Republic of South Devon, the premier online newspaper for that bejewelled corner of this sceptre’d isle.

“We’d both reached a professional impasse and thought it was high time to take a break from our labours while we still had our own teeth.”

Update – Friday 17th January


I’ve just checked back with the People’s Republic of South Devon and my interview (and, the entire website, it seems) has disappeared from the ether.  That’s rather unfortunate. It was there yesterday. My witless words are now lost for all time. Sorry about that. You can always check out some of my other interviews about expat life, blogging, writing, LGBT issues and about my books here

9 thoughts on “Tales from Turkey

    1. None, other than the routine vaccinations we should all already have (MMR, polio, etc). Mediterranean Turkey is mercifully free of all those nasty little bugs and diseases, though there is a slight risk of rabies. Eastern Turkey is a different matter.


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