Following the horse meat scandal that swept the continent, supermarkets are spending millions to restore public confidence in their products. They could have saved a lot of bother and expense by not shoving Red Rum in the mincer in the first place. Now we know what happened to Shergar. Budget chain, Aldi, have been running an ad campaign on TV which makes me smile. Why are the ads often more entertaining and inventive than the programmes they interrupt? Money, I suppose. Click on the Aldi Logo to check it out.


4 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Shergar?

  1. We had a couple of those ‘scares’ in the past 30 years, which means someone always thinks they can pull a fast one. Ha.

    Indeed, the ad campaign made me smile but it’s a little low key–is that the British way to inspire confidence?


  2. Huh! I used to think that ‘Perking’ was a quality item – now I find you are nothing but a conspiracy theorist (of sorts) – I shall not be cancelling my subscription!


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