Attack of the Norovirus

The schools are off and a sparkling (but still chilly) early spring day brought the north folk of Norfolk out of hibernation to swarm around the lanes of Norwich in search of a bargain (and there are bargains galore to be had). I watched the throng from a kerbside café. I was out alone in fat jacket and shades to pick up provisions. Liam has been laid low by a nasty bout of gastro-enteritis caused by the norovirus he picked up visiting his mother at the weekend. The virus stalks for prey along the corridors of her care home like the Black Death. As if she didn’t have enough to worry about, my mother-in-law has been struck down and confined to bed along with Liam’s father, brother, sister and nephew. Liam has withdrawn to self-imposed quarantine (except for emergency dashes to the loo) in the vain hope that I won’t be the next casual casualty. I await my fate like a man on death row. We’re rather hoping to drop a few pounds.

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The norovirus is particularly perilous for the sick and the old. Does my mother-in-law’s care home have adequate infection controls in place? Your guess is as good as mine but I doubt it. The cynical may see this as a great way to manage turnover. I do know, after working in both adult and children’s social care for many years, that the State’s (and therefore, society’s) willingness to pay for the care of the most vulnerable diminishes as they age. Mark my words, eventually the shit will hit the fan (or the sheet, as in this case).

The good news is that mother-in-law is on the mend and will live to fight another day. We are mightily relieved.

12 thoughts on “Attack of the Norovirus

  1. It’s a sad fact that the elderly are not a priority when it comes to health care and preventative measures. It sickens me to be honest…it just shouldn’t be like this.

    This virus is nasty from what I have learned. Both my little grandsons have been stricken by it over Easter, and it’s taking a while for them to recover. Hope Liam and the rest of his family are better soon, and that you don’t catch it xxx


    1. It’s certainly true that the elderly are at the back of the queue. Britain has some of the best services for younger disabled people to be found anywhere (as it should be). We have first hand experiences of this amazing level of care. I’m talking about social services here, not the benefits system (which is in Govt-induced meltdown). It’s just, as a society, we won’t pick up the tab for people at the end of the line. Liam’s on the mend but I have now succumbed, though not nearly as bad – just a bit loose! 😉


  2. geçmiş olsen! Now and in the future. Glad I live here where decent health care has become more and more available across the board whilst the UK is moving in the opposite direction. Give Liam a pat on the head (and then wash your hands ;-)).


  3. Society can be judged on how they treat their most vulnerable. I hope that the elderly don’t suffer because of these over insensitive cuts to the health service. Not very long ago countries used to look at the UK as a good example, I should think this may not be the case anymore. In some cases I agree with you they are good, however regarding the elderly in hospital and homes I get shocked and look to here and see how all the family rally together to care for their elderly and how they look up to them. When someone has age over you I believe it is an unquestionable respect no matter what ! They of all people deserve proper health care they fought for it…. now they can’t get it ?


    1. Completely agree. Respect for the elderly is something we have lost in the West. However, I would say that Turkey has a way to go in terms of disability and children in care (the latter being something I have some direct experience of, unfortunately). In the final analysis, we should all be judged by the way we treat the vulnerable.


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