Lady Haha Playhouse Theatre

To honour International Women’s Day (8th March), we plopped through the puddles on a blustery night to watch a quintet of female comics. The gals with gags strutted their stuff for the ‘Lady Haha’ show at the Playhouse, Norwich (a fab bar with a theatre attached). Generally, I’m not keen on stand up – a bit too hit and miss or too clever by half in my experience. I needn’t have worried. The acts – Grainne Maguire, Amy Howerska, Vikki Stone, Diane Spencer and headliner, Tiffany Stevenson – tickled my ribs with their bawdy take on feminism, racism, gingaphobia, relationships, dating, men, oversized willies and orgasms (or lack thereof). These funny ladies of the night are going places.

PS: I was a tad disappointed not to see Aisling Bea who was originally billed to appear, mainly because she sounds like a sickly insect. 

PPS: Vikki Stone is a younger, filthier version of the superlative Victoria Wood and is quite a hit on You Tube. This is one of her lewd tunes. Best not watch if you’re easily offended.

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20 thoughts on “Lady Haha

  1. Brilliant! Loved that! I too had a crush on Phillip Schofield so I can completely relate 🙂 and you’re right – Vikki is a worthy successor to Victoria Wood’s throne!


      1. That was back in the broom-cupboard days when Gordon the Gopher was his wingman! He’s still got it though 😉 although he’s a little too telefied and primped for the mass market to appeal to me now. I’d like to see him get really fired up about something, just to know he can.


      2. He tried to get all serious on daytime TV with the Prime Minister about the Jimmy Savile sex scandal. Didn’t do too well, I’m afraid.


      3. I used to love Dave Allen. My hubby loves stand-up comedians but I always ask him “Is this guy/woman really FUNNY?” Not keen on the genre.


      4. Yes, I heard about that, didn’t see it but it seemed like a bit of a stunt using the cause as a springboard – always a risk when you’ve sold your soul to a TV corporation. *sighs* I guess he can join Becks as one of those we like to look at not listen to.


  2. . . last comedian I saw live was Dave Allen and he sat down all the time – and kept fiddling with a finger that wasn’t there!


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