The Hazards of Duke Street

Tombland on Better Days
Tombland on Better Days

Norwich City Council in its municipal wisdom has decided that gritting pavements isn’t their bag. While city streets are generally clear, the continuing arctic snap means that unsuspecting pedestrians risk their dignities and their coccyxes attempting to skate along the glacial footpaths. People are dropping like nine pins judging by the amateur footage taken by a voyeuristic resident of Duke Street. Yesterday, I was gingery trying to navigate the Tombland icecap. My thick-tread winter boots did not save me from an arse-over-tit, ice scream tumble that nearly put me into an early grave. It hurt. I think I’ll sue. It’s all the rage these days.

16 thoughts on “The Hazards of Duke Street

  1. This made me laugh so much!! In a kind of sadistic way! Sorry. It’s funny the way people round and look back at it after they’ve passed as if to say “What the hell…?” And those three cruel friends splitting their sides laughing! Some managed to propel themselves forward… Like most of the pedestrians, I always ignore those silly cone things..


      1. It’s crazy isn’t it – the most ridiculous things can make you famous (if only for 15 minutes!) I dunno…do something outrageous but tastefully so… 🙂


  2. Where you intending for the title to evoke memories of an eighties TV show?
    What’s mind boggling is that people would rather conform than find a safer route – even when aware of the danger. If you take the litigious route you’ve definitely got scope for a class action!


    1. Yes, I was. I think the problem was (and still is in parts of the city), that the safest route was to walk down the middle of the street which isn’t very safe at all!


  3. I could never understand why the council would salt the roads but never touch the pavements. A couple of years ago, our high street in Sussex was treacherous for a week.


  4. I dunno, bit of ice and snow – the Norwegians produce ski jumpers, the Dutch produce skaters and the UK produces moaners and litigators – no wonder the empire has gone!


  5. Thanks Jack very funny, cruel really as know it’s not not fun for the fallen, but its a base reaction to laugh at people that are sliding. Hard to do it with any kind of dignity, good luck with the weather hear it maybe worse on Friday. Even though I miss a good snow fall I can’t bear the temp. let alone falling on my ass. We have other hazards here, like falling down recently dug holes with no signs around them or washed away roads. All I know it’s kept me very alert, no dreaming while walking or driving or else it could be disastrous.


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