Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

I was going to pop out for an Americano,  but when I peered up from the laptop, I noticed that Norwich was enveloped in an instant blizzard. I thought better of it and decided to stay inside all warm and cosy instead. I can’t afford to break a hip at my age. Naturally, the county came to a standstill with jack-knifed trucks bringing gridlock to the highways and byways. Liam arrived home from his rural office two hours late. “Bugger the dinner,” he said. “Let’s go out for a pizza.” So that’s what we did.

Cue the home video…

21 thoughts on “Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

      1. It’s been cold but the last three days have been lovely! Back to rain tomorrow for the forseeable future, but I do so hate the snow. Except for on very distant mountains.


  1. We had a foot of sneeuw dump on us in Nederland as well. I grew up with snow and enjoy it immensely. Nothing like bundling up and tromping gently through woodlands, listening to nothing but silence while snow falls around you…


    1. I’m a bit of a gay stereotype. Despite coming from a football mad family, I’m not into the beautiful game. Having said that, Norwich FC are supporting a ‘kick homophobia out of football’ five a side competition at their stadium next month so we’ll be going along to that.


  2. Where I live in Canada, we had quite the snow fall just after Christmas. It was such a surprise–although it shouldn’t have been this time of year–that the city’s snow removal contracts were asleep. What an uproar the citizens made.

    Your snow looks relaxed and pretty.


    1. It seems the gritters and snow ploughs are often caught off guard despite the weather warnings. Our light dusting is nothing compared to what you get on your side of the pond. 🙂


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