Norwich, City of Literature

Saraswati ParkNorwich is the heart of arty-farty judging by the colourful assortment of scholarly fashionistas mingling around the College of Art. Norwich is also a treasure trove of wordy worthiness that rather puts my own inconsequential ramblings in the shade. The rich and centuries-old tradition of proper writing was recognised this year when UNESCO awarded Norwich City of Literature status. My inadequacies were further confirmed when I discovered that our downstairs neighbour is a serious novelist of award-winning, global stature. Her name is Anjali Joseph and, as we chatted about the darkened skies and wheelie bins, she modestly revealed that she’d written a book or two. I did a bit of Googling. It didn’t take long. Anjali is all over the wonderweb. A book or two? Crikey, this pretty young thing has written two internationally acclaimed novels published by HarperCollins, is working on her PhD in Creative Writing during her coffee breaks and is stalked by the national press. I might as well just slash my wrists and be done with it.

17 thoughts on “Norwich, City of Literature

  1. the sound of a weeping author. get over yourself and just keep doing what you do well. but if your jealous streaks should get the better of you I can thoroughly recommend a lovely DVD – MISERY. Excellent plot line, and I’m sure you can pick up a cheap typewriter on eBay. 🙂


  2. Small world. Unless you have to walk around it of course. Anyway, I thought I remembered the name and had heard her on Radio 4 a while ago. I was right! Don’t fret though, you already have talent the only difference is sales and that will follow I am sure. At least you both moved to the right neighbourhood.


  3. Ah, well. You’re younger than I am and I’ve published nothing but a review for art supplies, haven’t even completed one of my 3 novels (begun in the mid-1990’s). So you could be Anjali Joseph and I could be the wrist-slitter. But not today. Found your blog today, reason enough for smiles. Thank you for posting this! I think you may have given me that little HUGE kick-in-the-whatever I needed to start writing again.


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