Jack on Future Radio

I managed to stumble through the interview on Future Radio without too many pregnant pauses or tripping over too many ums and aahs. MC Di was warm and engaging and witty Nick was a gently inquisitive host. Adding to the splendid blend was roving reporter Nick C, a young man reading history at Cambridge, no less. Just before the show, Di offered me an ice cream to calm me down and warm me up. I had a dribble of chocolate on my chin throughout the interview. No one mentioned it. Liam waited in the car park and recorded the gig, balancing his laptop on one knee as he jammed it up against the car speaker. He needn’t have bothered. Di provided me with a link to the podcast.

I’ve added my star turn to my Jack Scott Website. Click here or on the radio image to have a listen. The future’s bright, the future’s perking pink.

If you prefer, you can listen to the entire show on Future Radio’s website (click on Pride Live 06 08 12).

I chose Mika’s ‘We Are Golden’ for my playlist of one. The boy’s a genius. The track speaks to me of youthful hope and independence, and Blighty’s golden haul at the Olympics.

13 thoughts on “Jack on Future Radio

  1. Lord knows I hate to follow the crowd but you really should keep an open mind into working in radio if the opportunity knocks. I enjoyed the clip but the most striking thing was how you have a much better voice for radio than those presenting the show and I mean no offence to them but you are a natural.
    Sure you could hear the nerves a tad during the reading but in the interview your conversational voice was perfect for the airwaves. I suspect yet another surprise career move beckons.
    A talking book with original musical interludes by himself has to be considered.
    Excellent stuff. Cheers.


    1. Thanks Alan. Liam said the same thing. I remain to be convinced but hey, who knows? I think they’ll invite me back. The musical book is well worth thinking about 🙂


  2. Hi Jack! I thoroughly enjoyed that! Yes indeed, you are a natural and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next …. Glad you like Norwich too. Must admit I was surprised at your choice initially but from what you say, it has a lot to offer.


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