Locked Up and Knocked Up

Are you an expat who started a company to do the business in Turkey? Do you have a website? If not, you’d better get one sharpish and register it with the authorities. If you don’t, you might find yourself dumped in the clink for 6 months. Even if you do have a website, you’d better make sure it’s stuffed to the brim with company information. Don’t forget to include the name of the office cat, your granny’s maiden name and the parlous state of your bank balance. If your site content isn’t up to scratch, expect to be banged up alongside a hairy daddy with a twinkle in his eye and a little lovin’ on his mind. Why is this? Well, the Turkish Government has just adopted a new Trade Law which is due to come into effect on the 1st July this year.

Sounds like some daft idea from a witless job’s-worth paid to dream up the unworkable. I expect it will go the way of the much heralded internet regulations introduced with a fanfare then unceremoniously dropped when it became blindingly obvious they were just a little bit crap.

19 thoughts on “Locked Up and Knocked Up

  1. These bureaucrats have nothing to do, it seems, but make up new rules that no one is going to follow (this happens in my neck of the words too, it won’t surprise you to know!)


  2. Ha ha ha …that’s me in jail then! along with far too many foreigners who are doing absolutely nothing wrong. Oh and have you heard the new law about the airport? Unless you have a special licence you are not allowed to deliver or collect friends from the airport! Only same named relatives……honest you couldn’t make it up could you.


  3. . . despite what the current government says about wanting to join the EU – they don’t really. These are carefully thought out tactical ploys to ensure that the accession process never ends!


  4. At first I thought this post was about pregnant hookers. 🙂

    Too right, daft law–someone in the Turkish government has too much time on his hands.


  5. They have been threatening this law for the past 4 years or more never thought they would get it through but sounds like they have suspect it will be unworkable as far as controlling it. Just in case made a web site.


  6. Hi Jack! Just to say that your book is doing the rounds of my Istanbul book club!!! They are most intrigued (we are mostly vetpats to use your terminology!) and one of them at age 70+, originally from Leeds, is going to move to Bodrum very soon!!!! I truly wonder what she will make of it…Do you think she will like it?


  7. I’d be interested to know what the book club thinks of my book. As for your friend, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Bodrum really is an amazing place to live. I would say live the Bodrum life to the full but choose your friends wisely.


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