Bodrum Rocks

After a couple of false starts, the race towards summer is on. We feared the sun-kissed season had been cancelled this year. The starting pistol was an earthquake beneath our feet at 4am yesterday morning. Just a tiddler of a tremor at 3.1. Liam woke with a jolt and went in search of fault lines. I slept like a baby through the whole thing.

14 thoughts on “Bodrum Rocks

  1. Jack, I too have been in an earthquake – the lovely Debbie Fletcher of Fletcherville, Spain! We went to see her – and rufty tufty John – for the opening of their new kennels and it´s shifted the plaques below us, I can tell you! She´s a doll, John is hero and all the dogs and birds are glorious. Long live the power of the internet to shift the ground under our feet!


  2. I slept through the tremor but couldn’t sleep through the annoying man testing the microphone in the football stadium at 7:45 this morning. As he didn’t need to use it until 10am, I found this a bit excessive.


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