Overcooking the Books

Sadly, my prediction about the little market a short sashay along the street from our house has come to pass. The ever-so smiley pony-tailed proprietor has removed his dusty stock and abandoned his customer-less business. A padlocked glazed door protects the dusty ghost shop, the shelves are empty, worthless rubbish is piled up in the middle of the cracked floor and a tatty ‘for rent’ sign is swinging in the wind outside. What next for this ill-fated space? A croissant-erie would be nice.

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11 thoughts on “Overcooking the Books

  1. It’s such a widespread problem these days. I feel sorry for the small businesses that have been forced to close, mostly due to hotels offering all-inclusive deals. These hotels have everything, including small markets, which means that the kind of holidaymaker who only comes here for sun and unlimited booze,, doesn’t need to set foot outside the hotel for their entire stay. If it were as sunny in Blackpool, they wouldn’t even bother to get on the plane.


  2. Fear not! Another optimistic Turk will re-open a little Market because “He” will know how to do it bettter…………….the customers will come clammering in , just because.


  3. Ahh, we have many a business like this in Fethiye. Our local bakery has been there for two years and is on it’s fourth or fifth owners – lost count to be honest. The present proprietors smile and chat when you go in to buy bread…maybe this time, the bakery will work. 😉


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