Eurovision Helps the Aged

After the epic drama of yesterday’s post, I give you something light and frothy. Eurovision fever has come early this year. Armenia has withdrawn from the competition because of a problem with the Azeris (all about the frozen dispute of Nagorno-Karabakh), the Russians will be represented by a group of grannies called, er, The Grannies and Blighty has chosen our very home-grown wrinkly in the form of Engelbert Humperdinck, 75 years young. And why not? It gets camper every year and we love it.

The Turkish entry was selected last month. No doubt it was an instant hit right across the smoky salons of this wintry land. Zimmerless Can Bonomo (that’s Jan Bonomo to non-Turkish speaking pansy fans – C is a hard J in Turkish) will be bouncing about the stage in Baku, the Azeri capital, to the beat of his energetic ditty, Love Me Back. It’s in English (well, Globalish) and features a gypsy riff. The jury’s out on whether jumping Jan will make it through the semis. What do you think?

Eurovision trivia – In the history of its involvement, Turkey has awarded the most points to the UK and received the most points from Germany. I didn’t think anyone voted for Blighty these days.

20 thoughts on “Eurovision Helps the Aged

  1. I got bored after a minute! Fiddler on the Roof (musically) meets Curiosity Killed the Cat (that silly cap thing Can’s wearing).


  2. I find the Eurovision song contest so weird, and can’t believe it’s still going! When it started up, I recall that a lot of English people thought it was a big joke (pre-EU days) – all these odd performers hopping up and down and singing nonsense in strange outfits. But it seems it’s made a comeback. Mr. Humperdinck looks pretty good for his age, he may stand a chance I suppose. Germany must have given lots of points to Turkey out of a sense of guilt because of the way they treat Turkish “guest workers.” PS The Turkish entry (what kind of name is that?) is at least cute.


    1. Yes, he is cute isnt’ he. The contest is huge now – right across Europe and the Caucasus. It’s like an expensive travelling circus that threatens to bankrupt the smaller countries! Fascinating.


      1. Sounds like the Eurovision Juggernaut knows no bounds these days. Hope it never reaches Jamaica! We have enough truly atrocious “talent’ shows already! 🙂


  3. I couldnt believe it when i heard that humpydinky was the UK’s choice :-/ The contest gets worse every year. I certainly wont be watching. Turkeys choice reminds me of a singalong for children.


  4. Normally the lyrics (especially Globish) are rubbish in the ESC. But the music is rubbish here too! And there is definitely a bit of Fagan too. (Sorry – but I´ll adore Engelbert, wrinkles and all).


  5. But there was an amazing Turkish girl group a few years ago with fantastic belly-dancing and a really catchy song. Where are they now?


  6. I remember when that girl won for Turkey a few years back. I can’t recall her name or the song but I do remember the news being full of it. She toured the country and crowds appeared everywhere to cheer her. Turkey are so patriotic..which I rather like (I love the Turkish National Anthem which sends shivers up my spine). Sorry got a bit sidetracked there. No I don’t like this song at all. In fact I rather lost interest in Eurovision when Terry Wogan stopped compering…he was brilliant.


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