Back to the Future

Liam and I were minding our own business in Tansaş. We were queuing up at the till, weighed down by a basket-full of cheap plonk. The lady in front of us turned towards me and smiled. “You’re Jack,” she said. “I love your book.” I blushed like a spotty teen and shifted uncomfortably from side to side. It was like being a z-list celeb, furtively emerging from a grubby massage parlour with my tail between my legs. Next time, I’ll don a floral headscarf and designer shades before I venture out.
I composed myself and we chatted over the veg and booze. It turns out that we’re near neighbours. My fellow shopper was a former Bodrum Belle of years long past and she recently returned to renew her club membership. As an old and new kid on the block, she has started her own blog, Back to Bodrum. The then and now observations offer a unique perspective of a town on the move. Take a look – fascinating stuff.

13 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. How lovely to be a celeb Jack. I’ll be over for your autograph soon. Just wait till you have the paparazzi camping on your doorstep 🙂
    Back to Bodrum and I have already found each others blogs. Her’s is a good one isn’t it?


  2. I loved your book too! I’m scottish and living in Ankara with my turkish husband and 4 year old twins.
    Your book really made me giggle, which got me a few strange looks in a cafe one day! Apart from the giggles, I was heartbroken about Adalet. Will you be revealing what happened next? In the book Charlotte says that they were cleared. I’m living in hope that Adalet returns to them and there is a happy ever after…
    Best wishes to both of you. And thanks for the giggles!


    1. The sequel will explain what happened next with Adalet though the saga still continues. I’m really pleased the book made you laugh. Laughter helps us all get through a bad day and makes a good day better.


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