Break a Leg

I’ll be banging on about my book ad nauseum at the Polari Literary Salon at London’s Royal Festival Hall on the 6th February 2012. All my profit and more has gone on paying for the bloody airfare. I suppose you have speculate to accumulate. Anyone who has read the book and likes it, please add a review to Amazon (if you haven’t already). Every little helps, as they say in the Tesco’s advert.

For details about the event check Time Out online. To buy tickets check out the Southbank Website.

7 thoughts on “Break a Leg

  1. Oh I get it – when I first read the header I wondered why you would be attending a Turkish Shoe manufacturers’ convention? Well good luck with London – go sock it to em.


  2. Woo hoo! At least you get a ticket home out of it – bound to increase sales! Man, you are a marketing machine. Remind me to hire you when I hit the double jackpot (e.g. win the lotto and publish the book). 🙂


  3. My grandmother absolutely loved your book as she was ordered to bed rest with a nasty case of shingles this Christmas and in her card she wrote: “I’m very involved with Jack and Liam and all their adventures. I’m learning a lot about you adopted country and they’re superb!”


    1. Shingles is just horrible. I’ve had a minor case and that was bad enough.Speedy recovery to your grandmother. Please thank her for reading the book and saying such nice things about it.


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