Gidday from Turkay

To my eternal shame, I’ve never been to Oz. Liam, has. He loved it and wanted to stay. Forever. He even considered re-training as a hairdresser to gain enough points to emigrate (crimpers were in short supply at the time, apparently). From civil servant to coiffeur would have made a dramatic career change. He thought better of it when he realised it was a gay cliché too far. That was before he met me, of course.

More at stop two on my virtual book tour. Hop over to Gidday from the UK.

14 thoughts on “Gidday from Turkay

    1. I’m afraid it will probably remain a virtual tour. I’m not sure I could stand cattle class to Oz and our reduced circumstances will never stretch to business.


  1. Oz is a fantastic place. My brother lives there and we visited Sydney (which has a big gay quarter) and Brisbane, and points in between. It’s sort of like a world of its own… It’s so big.


  2. It’s never to late Jack (and Liam). Although Bill might have a breakdown – things are not as cheap as they used to be!

    Good luck with the rest of your world tour.


    1. I should have mentioned that my Dad actively considered moving us all to Oz back in the late sixties when it was possible to emigrate for a few quid. Now what would life now be like if he had?


  3. Jack, I love how you recognize that moving abroad can be a “rocky road.” And now I´m off to get the book from Kindle to see just how rocky it was! This very night I will see you in in Perking the Pansies paradise!


  4. “gay cliché too far”. I read your sentences out loud sometime I love them so. Congratulations on all your well deserved success!


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