Perking the Pansies Book Tour

For generations, book tours have been a vital part of promoting the published word. The famous get to hop from country to country. The not-so-famous get to hop from town to town. Nobodies like me don’t get to hop at all. Then someone came up with a marvellous idea – the virtual tour. No hopping involved. Just sit back and let other people promote your work courtesy of the blogosphere (in the best tradition of I scratch your back, you scratch mine). Ladies and gentlemen, please hop across to the wonderfully rustic Archers of Okçular for the first stop in my stimulating, simulated tour. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Perking the Pansies Book Tour

  1. Wow! What a history! I just had a look at your first tour stop and am glad i did – always nice to get a bit if background. I guess traveling is in your blood. Plenty of material for the next book there, I reckon. I remember my parents used to play that Rolf Harris classic to us as kids, always bought a tear to my eye…
    You’re welcome over to my Canadian corner of the blogoshphere any time if you want some “Northern Exposure” on your tour 😉


  2. There are always podcasts too. No idea how to set one up but it would be a great way to promote the book. Word of mouth works wonders and I, for one, am always spreading the word. Marge x


  3. Jack — should I have my agent call your agent to arrange your book tour engagement on the Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide? It goes without saying that all of your travel expenses would be covered!


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