Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

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I recently received the first edits back for the book. I downloaded the file with nervous anticipation, expecting it to be mauled with angry red lines and a must do better report at the end. I was pleasantly surprised to find the text relatively intact. My editor is a talented young man from across the pond called Kilian Kröll. Kilian’s day job is treading the boards as an eminent life coach. He’s also a superb writer and is moonlighting as editor at the request of my publisher, Jo Parfitt. Jo gave him the specific remit to check the text for British idioms and cultural references that might fly over the heads of our Yankee cousins. Kilian is well-qualified for the job and is doing sterling work – meticulous and professional. His interventions have been smart, literate and illuminating. Striking the right balance between keeping the essentially British feel of Perking the Pansies and appealing to the greatest possible audience is going to be tough. Cor blimey, mate.

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Jack Scott

11 thoughts on “Two Nations Divided by a Common Language

  1. It’s funny isn’t it… how the British-isms creep in without you even being aware of it. I hope he doesn’t make it too “bland,” though. The short stories I have written, all set in Jamaica, have snatches of Jamaican patois and other idioms, because they give it the flavor and seem to come naturally in the story. By the way, I just wrote to your editor – I sent her a message on her website – asking for her advice on what to do about my novel – in particular. I feel it has dropped into a black hole. Kilian sounds like a great editor, though. All the best and good luck!!


    1. I’m trying to maintain the essence of the Britishness though I’m having to compromise. Jo, my publisher, is incredibly busy right now with three or four books on the go (excluding mine). I know she’s not taking any submissions at the moment but maybe next year. When I get the chance (which means for her, the right moment), I’ll mention you.


  2. I’m happy to hear it’s not been edited too much Jack. We don’t want to lose “you” in any way in the book. It sounds like you have the right people for the job.

    I am so very pleased for you and can’t wait to get my copy. (I’ll be in England 27 Dec to 3 Jan and hoping it’ll be on the shelves by then).


    1. Hi Ellen
      Not sure yet. This is something I need to discuss with the publisher. I think the idea will be to have it available in paperback first then release it on Kindle.
      Best wishes


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