The Demon Drink

We’ve finally managed to collate all the incriminating photographic evidence of our wicked trip to Bordeaux back in September to celebrate the half century of Blighty life friend, Ian. Liam has produced a timely public heath broadcast about the evils of alcohol. A sorry collection of over-the-hill so-called fine and upstanding members of society (well, except for the birthday boy who runs a sex shop in Soho), strutting their drunken stuff in an isolated French farm house is a pathetic spectacle. It’s enough to put you off your pink gin. Listen up kids, in Nancy Reagan’s immortal words, ‘Just say no.’

We had a ball.

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9 thoughts on “The Demon Drink

  1. Oh dear….but it looked like you had so much fun.

    I used to consume a lot of alcohol before I moved to Turkey. Mostly wine, but I don’t like Turkish wine so I don’t drink here. I have to own up to making up for lost time a bit on my trips to England, but I’m not able to have more than a couple of glasses now without feeling the effects…so maybe that’s a good thing?


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