And for My Next Trick

When Liam and I first set up home together, certain concessions had to be made. I’d spent a lifetime developing a neat demeanour – a place for everything and everything in its place. This stemmed from the rich chaos of my early years in a large family, when competition for the bathroom was fierce and you’d do well to find matching socks during the Monday morning scrum. Liam’s approach to organisation had always been a little more laissez faire. During our salad days I would come home from work to find a shoe on the mantelpiece or a pair of Calvins in the fridge (freshly laundered ones, obviously). This was his way of telling me to lighten up. I listened to the gentle provocation and over time, saw the light. Down the years, Liam’s raised his game and I’ve lowered mine: we’ve arrived at contented compromise. All except for one small thing. When Liam retires for the night, he just slips effortlessly out of his clothes and leaves them in a concertinaed heap on the floor by the bed, collapsed in a series of folds like a deflated accordion. Slippers poke out from under the crumpled jeans that sit tidily beneath a discarded tee shirt. It’s as if he’s disappeared through a trap door. All that’s missing is a puff of white smoke. It’s quite a trick.

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17 thoughts on “And for My Next Trick

  1. I am also from a large family (7 siblings), and I do remember the feeling of total liberation I had when a flat mate pointed out that nobody knows you have one pink sock and one black sock under your boots. if I have worn paired socks since, it has been an accident. Try it, especially if you are going somewhere very formal, for a small defiance it feels incredibly and disproportionately naughty….


    1. From the time she was 6 ’til she was 13 my daughter, an only child, intentionally mis-matched her socks after I told her about problems finding matching pairs with 6 siblings in the house.


  2. I’m the tidy one…Mr A is the opposite. I used to nag about the mess he made until I realised it didn’t make any difference and that he wasn’t listening anyway. Now I just seethe inwardly.


  3. Over the years, my other half has become increasingly messy – I just go around picking up articles of clothing and screwed up pieces of paper from almost every surface… Sigh. I am getting more minimalist and have strong urges to just throw things out – which he hates!!


  4. Fantastic image of the disappering Liam! I have to admit that I’m usually the tidy one but extreme tiredness of late has meant a similar pile of shed clothes by my bed…regular programming may resume shortly – if you’re lucky!


  5. he’s raised his game and you’ve lowered yours. . . love it! That’s what a relationship is all about – compromise. . . although clearly there are still some things that we still have a hard time accepting. . . I know I have mine! 🙂


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