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It’s Sod’s Law. Just as I posted about gorgeous autumn weather in Bodrum it started to rain. And, Christ, did it rain. We’ve spent a couple of drizzly evenings watching the first two live episodes of the X Factor (that’s the British version of American Idol to those across the pond) through the internet using a VPN (virtual private network). I know, I know, it’s shallow, exploitative nonsense but it is entertaining. We plugged the laptop into the TV. It’s not the greatest picture but beggars as they say. We hear unconfirmed rumours that VPNs/proxy servers will be illegal when the Turkish Government eventually introduces its new internet controls and we’re beaten down by the heavy hand of the censorious State. If this is the case they’ll be no more British TV for us. And they’ll be no more British adverts either.

I’ve often thought that commercials are more entertaining than the programmes they rudely interrupt. Yeo Valley, purveyors of all things dairy have commissioned a costly class act for the X Factor. It’s bubble gum fun. The men aren’t bad either.

It’s not a new idea, of course. I remember the 70s Coca Cola ad that spawned the worldwide hit single I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing for the squeaky clean New Seekers (not a patch on the old Seekers).

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15 thoughts on “X Factor Ads

  1. VPN, often confused by myself with the pantyline thing, is a great invention. I only discovered it a few months back. It’s tres handy to be able to watch the programming from home, but it’s the ability to watch adverts, news, morning TV that I like the most. Really makes me feel connected, even if I do have to sit up at night to watch anything. God save the VPN.


  2. Some of the ads are better than the programmes! We haven’t had a TV for nearly 2 years now. We were sick of Digiturk and constant repeats and we hardly ever watched anything else. I watch any UK progs I want to see a day or so after they are transmitted, either on Youtube or a very good website http://www.watchseries-online.com/. Occasionally I use Expatshield to watch BBC and ITV iplayers. It’s all free and doesn’t bother me that I’m not watching live transmissions. As long as I have something to watch when it’s raining! I really hope the government don’t go ahead with the new internet policing…there’s an awful lot of opposition isn’t there? Which is why it has been delayed.

    Boy didn’t it rain yeserday? At one point we had water pouring into the fuse box….eeek!


  3. It sure is bubble gum fun and yes men aren’t bad but way over the top or am I missing something nearly a comedy. I used to work for a TV repair company back in the days when people rented them, my work mate used to watch the ads and I watched the programmes, as we maned the phones (think that has to be womaned the phones now) the working arrangement was perfect. She always maintained watching the ads was much more enjoyable than the programmes and I think she sadly was right.


  4. I should look into this VPN thing. I usually find enough to watch between digiturk and my daily Turkish dizi ( tho I may boycott them for killing off my boyfriend). My problem is that when I most want the TV ( on rainy days) the signal goes out!


  5. . . no phone line and only VINN working at .5G; VPNs are a distant dream, even a 20 second YouTube vid takes as many minutes to download. The heliograph on the roof is quicker, unfortunately there’s no sun today!


  6. A VPN gets you Pandora, too!

    I’d be pretty surprised if they managed to ban VPNs ouright. Businesses use them for, uh, non- TV purposes to have secure networks while travelling abroad. My uni has one for all its employees, with a US IP…

    VPNs are the coolest thing ever–I got Pandora back this way, and it’s so much easier than screwing around with changing the DNS number, once they got savvy to that one. I suppose they could ban the free VPNs to make it more challenging, but I think we can trust our good Turkish youth to be 1,000 miles ahead of anything those idiots come up with…


  7. I will agree about the young man with the owl. Cute indeed. But “Internet controls”? That sounds sinister. Amazing how some countries seem to have this terrible fear of the Internet and bend over backwards to “control” it… But technology will overcome in the end, I swear!


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