No Frills Thrills

Today’s the day we bid au revoir to our friends in Bordeaux and board the no frills flight to Gatwick, stay overnight in a no frills Sussex hotel and board another no frills flight home to thrilling Bodrum. This is a no frills post. Normal broadcasts will be resumed shortly.

This is most famous test card of all, Test Card F, still in use today by the BBC and used in 30 other countries. Designed by George Hersee and featuring his daughter Carole Hersee, it made its first appearance on BBC2 in 1967. I remember this so well, growing up before 24 hour multi-channel TV took over our lives. I wonder where she is now?

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8 thoughts on “No Frills Thrills

  1. Sometimes the no frills hotels bring the funniest stories. Like the Saudi-visitor-filled and porn-only tv hotel near the Istanbul airport we lucked into one time we decided to avoid finding a taxi at 3 a.m. in Nisantasi to get to the airport. Wish I remembered the name!


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