No Arab Spring for Syria

It looks like the Libyan nutter is finished. Good riddance to bad rubbish. What of Syria? I came across the blog of a young gay Syrian called Sami. He writes with great courage and eloquence about his plight as gay man in an Arab state – and his profound worry about his family as the Assad regime continues its march of murderous oppression. At first, I was a little suspicious after the hoax blog by a Syrian lesbian that turned out to be an American writer living in Scotland. Now, I’m convinced it’s genuine. As with the entire Arab world, being gay in Syria is illegal and punishment is severe. Of course, man on man action is virtually obligatory; access to the fairer sex is restricted before marriage, and sheep are hard to find in Damascus. Boys will be boys after all. Just don’t say ‘gay’. Well, at least they don’t string them up like they do in Saudi Arabia and non-Arab Iran so that’s alright then. Gay rights are human rights and human rights are thin on the ground for anyone in Syria right now.

Sami writes:

The regime is still killing in Hama – yesterday they started assassinating doctors to increase fatalities. They are slowly killing my nephew, and killing me in the process. The only image that is in my mind now is of his smile when he calls my name and says, ‘You draw a cat, I draw a dog’. Syrian Gay Guy

I posted a few words of support on Sami’s blog. It was the least I could do and a small, small thing I did as we watch the body count grow. To think young people were rioting in London for a new pair of Nikes. Let’s wish for a belated Arab spring in Syria.

3 thoughts on “No Arab Spring for Syria

  1. The rioters of london town should be made to sit down and read these sad stories coming out of the middle east. Maybe then will think twice about what they do in a free UK, but then again maybe not. Good luck to you sami and everyone around the world who is fighting for basic human rights.


  2. Assasinating doctors to increase fatalities…is there no end to the depravity people will stoop to in order to retain power? Obviously not. As you said, gay rights are human rights. That should be evident to all and the end of it. Yet the world continues to witness regimes and cultures where being human doesn’t even afford you any rights. Absolutely chilling. Thanks for sharing about Sami and Syria.


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