How Do You Solve a Problem like Marie?

I don’t normally do the cute dog thing. I leave that to the legion of emigreys who frantically fret about the welfare of street animals. The trouble is that my friend and fellow semigrey Marie is in a bit of a pickle. Marie has a dog called Harry. Allegedly, happy Harry’s an ardent Arsenal fan. He’s got the dog collar to prove it. I say allegedly because I’ve seen plenty of dogs watching the footie but not one from the canine variety. However, I’m content to be challenged on this point since I could write everything I know about the beautiful game on the back of an envelope. I digress. Harry’s not why Marie’s in a pickle.

Help me

One of the street dogs Marie occasionally feeds turned up at her door up the duff and she’s been left holding the babies, all eight of them. To add insult to injury their mother hasn’t the strength to nurse her pups and Marie has resorted to hand-rearing and intensive care. Some hard-hearted idiots have suggested she should just let them die, particularly the two little bitches as it will cost to have them spayed. Girls will be sluts and they’ll bring more trouble to your door. Marie won’t do this. ‘This isn’t India,’ she says. However, Marie’s in imminent danger of becoming a crazy dog lady, surrounded by poo and a pack of pups that’s turning her fine Gümüslük pile into makeshift kennels. She needs help and needs it fast. Can you solve a problem like Marie?

If you can please email Marie on

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5 thoughts on “How Do You Solve a Problem like Marie?

  1. Please tell Marie – nay, beg her, on my behalf – to attend an AA support group (Ardent Animalsavers) for help before it’s too late. Please. I’ve trodden this long and painful path for too many years. It will destroy her, will leave her in the gutter begging, friendless, hopeless …..aaaaagghhhhh


  2. Jack this problem with dogs here is a mammoth one. Unless the Turkish attitude changes I fear it will just get worse. You may well have seen my recent blog posts in which I have shown my support for one of the many foreigners who are trying to do their bit. But I’ll only support those who are doing it in a structured way. My own personal opinion as to the solution, is that Turkey has to agree to a cull. Humanely euthanise those animals who are too sick to survive, neuter the rest and return to the streets….not place them in hoarding pounds as I showed on the video on my blog….and to allow people to continue to put some of them up for adoption here and abroad (unfortunately this meets with so much resistance and I don’t understand why). I wish I could help Marie, but I can’t take on any more dogs. Bless her for taking responsibility and I hope she can get them re-homed. xxx


  3. Is there an animal charity in your area? I ask because we have just managed to get a street dog neutered for free after asking one of the vets who normally attends to my own dogs. I believe it’s a German charity which is paying for this. I agree with the comment re a cull too. I’m a big animal lover but sometimes a cull is necessary to relieve what could be a lifetime of suffering in some instances.


  4. Howdy, y’all:
    I sent your friend an e-mail with some suggestions. I empathize with her, since at this point WonderWife and I are raising 14 kittens that were abandoned by their mothers on our front doorstep. I am a great believer in sterilization of abandoned pets, and we do a lot of fostering for the SPCA. I WISH that people would learn that pets are NOT toys that can be abandoned with impunity.




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