Baby, It’s Hot Inside

What is the greatest invention of all time, I wonder? Might it be the steam engine that drove the industrial revolution and the age of mass transportation or the printing press that spread the word to the people? Perhaps it’s the pill that liberated woman from the servitude of incessant child-bearing or the chance discovery of antibiotics that began the age of health and longevity (in the West, that is)? Lee Kuan Yew, the man who ruled Singapore for three decades, is reported to have claimed it was air-conditioning. Without it, he said, body-sapping Singapore could never have developed into the modern, dynamic, thriving city state it is today. Given our recent exposure to a life in sweat pants, I tend to agree.


14 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Hot Inside

  1. Having spent a a couple of weeks in Singapore during their peak hot and humid season – I have to agree. Even though I couldn’t afford to shop while I was there (I was backpacking and on a budget) I frequented their amazing indoor shopping malls – just to avoid melting.


  2. I’m feeling this all the way. I’m quite sure that not one of the four laudable life-changing events you included would have been conceived in these brain cooking conditions.

    At least you have air con in your boudoir now. I have a stand-off between a large ceiling fan going full pelt and three dogs panting. And it’s worse when He Who Must Be Obeyed also graces us with his presence.

    I tend to linger overly-long rummaging in the fridge for spurious consumables.


  3. Oh Jack. I always talk about how much I hate aircon. However a 10 hour powercut yesterday made me realise just how much I needed it. Particularly as the water also went off….23 hours so far and no sign of it returning…so no showers to cool down either. More powercuts due today and for the foreseeable future while the village electric supply is updated. I’m going to have to force my smelly self onto the bus today to Bodrum to cool down at Mr A’s hotel.


      1. Yes…well Gumbet actually. Selling the hamam experience, and he also covers another hotel in Bodrum and one in Yalikavak.but don’t ask me the names as I can’t remember offhand. I pop over several times a week but it can be a bit boring sitting around the hotel while he’s working, so maybe we can meet for a coffee one day? If you would like to, just email me. xx


  4. air con every time how I lived without it I will never know and its getting hotter this week. I noticed just saying ‘its hot’ seems to help have no idea why.


  5. 2 gawd-awful places I’ve been enjoying hanging out this summer because they have AC:
    The bank (you have to wait ages! I choose the crap number on purpose! It’s bliss!)
    The dentist’s office (kid with bad teeth! A disorganized practice that keeps us waiting a minimum of 45 mins for our appointments! Plus they have Cartoon Network! It’s bliss!)

    But yeah, after Atatürk finished inventing the wheel, fire, air, dolmas and yoghurt, I can see why they kicked back and decided to let the Northerners do all the work…


  6. Oh, I do miss the AC at moments on Bozcaada – we were told by the hardware store that “nobody on the island has them – or wants them.” That held for fans too. Then we walked to the other side of the village and found a fan for sale. Sometimes it is just TOO hot for no AC, that’s the Yankee in me, I guess!


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