Happy Birthday America

I’d like to extend a huge thank you to an individual from Burlingame, California who has single-handedly doubled the hits to Perking the Pansies for the 4th July, American Independence Day.  I really hope you like what you read and will come back again. Burlingame, the City of Trees, is a small community close to San Francisco. It looks like a charming place to live. Perhaps Liam and I will get to visit one day.

On this side of the pond it was Independence Day long before our Yankee cousins awoke from their slumber and began their tea party. It made me wonder how the course of modern history might have been different if mad King George III and his hapless ministers had agreed to the reasonable demands of the thirteen colonies to be represented in the British Parliament.

Happy Birthday America. No hard feelings.

PS: It would be thoughtless of me not to mention the dedicated Pansy Fan from San José, Costa Rica who has visited hundreds of times over the months. I don’t know who you are but I’m indebted to you. ‘I thank you’ as the glorious Julian Clary would say.

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America

  1. That might be me! I recently discovered your blog and between last night and today have read everything from the beginning. Having recently visited Bodrum and Yalikavak, I very much enjoyed reading your impressions of these places. My only regret is that I didn’t find your blog sooner so that we could have known about some of the restaurants and bars you suggested. But now we know for next time. Love your blog.


  2. It’s always a bit sad when Independence Day rolls around for us expats…I’ve only caught one stateside in the last six years. Pity so many cities missed out on fireworks this year!


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