Eurovision, The Verdict

The greatest music show on Earth

As class act Pet Clark famously warbled:

The Show is over now

My song is dying

This is the end, my friend

There isn’t anymore

The greatest music show on earth has drawn to a close. The super trouper has been dimmed, the glitter ball has been packed away and the legions of obscure half-baked camp crooners have boarded the buses bound for their Carpathian villages. Their five minutes of fame is up. The Eurovision Song Contest rebuilt war-torn Europe sequin by sequin and our continent is a more colourful place because of it.

Blue are blue but they shouldn’t be. We Brits are used to vengeful Eurovision voting by our neighbours. We’re destined never to win but to always pick up the tab. It’s the cross that we bear. We could offer up a singing goat for all the difference it would make. We should be consoled by the utter dominance of our once obscure and marginal Germanic tongue. It’s a shame though, that the ethnic tint has been squeezed out of the competition by insipid Euro-pop sung in la la la Ingelish.

Predictably the Balkan conspirators, Baltic cartel and ex-Soviet mafia played their aces. So there we have have it. The travelling circus is off to Baku in Azerbaijan in 2012. At least with all their oil money they can afford to pay for it.

Watch the winning entry on You Tube. It’s a sweet song and a little bit Glee.

4 thoughts on “Eurovision, The Verdict

  1. Jack, we enjoyed your Twitter commentary last night, very funny. We wanted Serbia to win – the best of a bad bunch! Keep up the good work, we’re big fans.



  2. The winner is actually not a bad song at all(by Euro standards).The girl is beautiful with a sweet voice and clearly has a great imagination.If she didn’t how could she sing a love song so realistically to a boy who looks about 12 years old and whose Father is probably still teaching him to shave….oh and why didn’t the nuts in the noddy hats least they were funny.


  3. I love a competition when another commenter calls it ‘the best of a bad bunch!’ Also love that it captured so many peoples’ imaginations. Call me cliche (can’t make the accent mark back there) but call me entertained. Such drama, such excitement, such great commentating!


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