Any Port in a Storm

Bodrum is getting busier by the day as the town warms up with the weather. Works continues apace to complete the classy new streetscape before the summer rush. Contrary to my initial cynicism, a spacious new civic square is being laid out along the bar street rat run revealing a spectacular view of the crusader castle. It will be a place of sanctuary from the relentless hassle to come from the imported hawkers with their spring-loaded libidos. Whole villages in the East are being drained of their young men as they start their annual migration in search of casual employment and easy lays. We have a bird’s eye view of the caravan of young totty as they scamper past the house dragging their humble belongings behind them. The testosterone is palpable.

2 thoughts on “Any Port in a Storm

  1. Thank you for providing my usual daily laugh and splutter but especially big humungous thanks for the picture of Kenan Imirzalioğlu.The sight of him first thing in the morning tightens my saggy,middle aged lower pelvic region in a way that Pilates with Ebru Şallı never will!
    Yes,I know I’m sad but at least I am aware of it…..


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